Updating linked database c

Select the appropriate security measures to authenticate to the data source referenced in the DSN and click the 'OK' button.

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In truth, you have many options for setting up Linked Tables from Access; many RDBMSs (Relational Database Management Systems) and Microsoft Office applications for example - even Share Point and Outlook are options for linking tables back to Microsoft Access.

For the purpose of this tip however, we're going to focus exclusively on Microsoft SQL Server.

For information about transactions, see Transaction (ODBC).

The following table summarizes the options available for recordsets with different update characteristics.

This was in preparation for using Microsoft Access as a front-end tool for a SQL Server 2005 database.

Though Access can be considered a sub-par application by the relational database elitists, it can be a very capable alternative for querying data from SQL Server without the learning curve associated with Visual Studio.In some cases, the framework can use only the columns selected in your recordset to identify which record in your table to update.Without all the necessary columns, multiple records might be updated in the table, possibly damaging the referential integrity of the table.You cannot update a read-only recordset or data source.When you prepare to update a recordset by calling Update, take care that your recordset includes all columns making up the primary key of the table (or all of the columns of any unique index on the table).From the menu bar, select inked Tables as shown below: By default, Microsoft Access will want to link to another Access database for it's Linked Table source.

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