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I am 100% certain that they just want to fuck with you until you buy the expensive version which can be updatet through WSUS. TL; DR: netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server="fubar" bypass-list="use/implement WPADwinhttp can't have a PAC file set directly, but if you use WPAD the is essentially your renamed file. We ended up having to downgrade to 2013 because there's a bug with W10 & MSO2016 that prevents account setup.

It appears the local domain and the domain for the account being set up are being swapped on the backend of the setup process, very intermittent and the MS Support Rep was stumped (needing to ultimately escalate it after a few hours).

updating office 2016 beta-54

And this was the first tool that can activate two different products.

Latest version is kmspico 10 that can activate any windows or office version so far.

id=49117You'll also need to create a share with the appropriate permissions.

You can use the xml file the deployment tool comes with as a template, change the product id to "Home Business Retail" (if you're using Home & Business which it sounds like you might be? Bear in mind that the tool will create an "Office" folder in that share, then a "Data" folder with the actual, uh, data in it.

Now, for configuring clients to use this share, I set up a group policy registry preference.

Pretty straightforward really, just have it create the key CDNBase Url at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\Click To Run\Configuration with the value you've used for the share above - this is where you need to be careful not to use the Office or Data folders the tool creates, you want to point this to exactly where the XML file points to.When you want to update the sources, it's as easy as just running the exact same command again - the old files are not removed so you may want to clean those up periodically.I keep one previous version in case I need to roll back.The next day I started, fired up wireshark and procmon and tried another session. Clickto Run operates like this: For some odd fucking reason the downloaded clicktorun wants to communicate with ms servers directly completely ignoring the proxy (which is used by all the parent processes btw).So after setting the proxy for the "system" user, it worked like a fucking charm. Don't be alarmed by the "omg WPAD is insecure" hits you'll find, MS has actually patched a lot of the attack vectors by changing WPAD's not just C2R btw, Windows 10 itself has a of stuff using winhttp that wants to talk to the internet, and without WPAD you're not going to have much luck getting that to talk to a proxyin a similar fashion, BITS doesn't always know how to talk to a proxy too. Sounds like you got it working though I feel your pain (and I'll make a note of this for future if we ever go back to 2016).With this activator you can activate windows versions came after windows xp.

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