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Developed not in Japan like the old 8- and 16-bit games, it was instead helmed by an internal US development studio.It was, in a word, brilliant, and still stands as one of the best 3D updates of an old-school classic ever made.It was challenging, offered tons of depth and proved that, yes, you can in fact make a game every bit as hardcore as the original while updating things to keep it fresh.

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Turns out, it was a rather magical traditional platformer that mixed a stunning amount of detail on animation and character design with gorgeous art direction and gameplay that was almost constantly being changed up.

There were mini-game-like boss battles, time trial runs on all the levels and, if you beat said time trials, you were taken on a little audio tour by the developers for each of the levels, detailing how the flow and layout changed over the course of development.

That you could cancel out of moves or stack multiple actions in quick succession lent itself far more to setting up ridiculous tag team strikes.

The first game's then-ludicrous numbers have since been surpassed thanks to people that power-leveled through the game and influenced NIS to make its own adjustments to things, but for sheer amounts of depth, grind-ability, story and relatively newbie-friendly approach to executing actions within turns, nothing beats the original.

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(See it on Amazon) 21.) Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Developed by: Sucker Punch Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment Released: September 24, 2002 For developer Sucker Punch, the second time was the charm.

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