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He was raised to be a gentleman, and he will treat you well.

Virgo can be one of the more difficult zodiac signs, but Virgos have so many positive traits, it’s definitely worth learning more about him.

FYI: Chris Pine is Virgo; a favorite of fans here at GPB.

It’s more like a laser beam, and hopefully it’s focused on you. Mix that with those sparkling gray eyes and curly brown hair he tries to keep neat, but can’t really manage; and you have a real hottie there. Many are vegans or vegetarians; and they are extremely disciplined about diet and exercise.

He usually wears glasses, all that computer work and study gets hard on the eyes. He eats organic and has a deep distrust of chemicals in his food.

In celebrating His Virgoness, what can I say, the man’s perfect.

So if you read anything you don’t like in this Virgo horoscope guide, just picture the smart, gorgeous, talented Chris Pine, and you will forget your worries.

Not only your Sun, but every planet in your horoscope is in an Astrology sign.

Mercury and Venus are not usually too far from your Sun Sign, but can be in the sign before or after it. Virgo can have Venus in Leo, and will be less squeamish and more dramatic, and a fire sign will overcome his quirks more.

Some Astrologers believe that the true ruler of Virgo is the planet Vulcan; it just hasn’t been discovered yet.

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