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So, unless your organization happens to make substantially more outgoing calls and makes several thousand minutes of outbound calls on every trunk every month, the business case simply isn’t there to justify any all-you-can-eat SIP trunking service. While it is not the case with SIPStation, most all-you-can-eat providers won’t let you spoof your Caller ID number on the outbound calls so you are forced to use their trunks for all of your outgoing incoming calls. Comparable service from Vitelity would run .99/mo.If your business depends upon a readily identifiable phone number to transact business over the phone, that means you don’t have the option of using a trunk such as Vitelity’s for incoming calls while reserving SIPStation trunks for outgoing-only calls because the phone number of your business won’t match up. for the unlimited incoming calls with four simultaneous channels leaving a balance of .97 for pay-by-the-minute outbound calls.

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There’s another similarity to Ma Bell: the price tag.

Now let’s suppose that your hardware store or restaurant needs four lines and 90% of the call traffic is incoming calls.

For a business that makes less than an hour of outbound calls a day, the savings would be over $70 a month! That limitation wouldn’t apply with Vitelity since incoming and outgoing calls are managed separately.

In effect, you’d be getting the flexibility to make 4 outbound calls at a time using any providers you choose.

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The snazzy ads and free sign-up offers make so-called Unlimited SIP Trunks sound appealing.With SIPStation, the monthly cost will be over 0.With a single Vitelity trunk and the Nerd Vittles special pricing, your cost for the phone number and four incoming calls at a time is .99 a month including 911 emergency service. And while you’d have to pay by the minute for the outgoing calls at a little less than a penny and a half a minute, in most businesses it amounts to chump change.We’ve chosen SIPStation as the all-you-can-eat provider for comparison because their current service offering is perhaps the most flexible offering of its type in the industry.First, a couple of upfront gotcha’s to keep in mind.One incoming call means nobody else can receive an incoming call until the first caller hangs up or until you buy another trunk. Two people in an organization can’t make simultaneous outbound calls without buying additional trunks.

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