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We can finally get the scoop on that whole fiasco." Let's get right to it. If you work for a business and they have a plan to keep their business surviving, they're going to do what they have to do. But that doesn't sound like they got to the bottom of the story. "I left because it was time for Free to go" smells like bull piled on to disguise the smell of shit.

Vibe: "People affiliated with 106 and Park say the main reason you two left the show is because you felt you were being underpaid by BET. " Free: "I left because it was time for Free to go. We all remember seeing AJ on what would be his last 106 and Park Show, water in his eyes, and Free's participation in this goodbye to the audience is on the other end of a cell phone call.

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I won't speak on what really happened, but it was nothing like that.

At the end of the day, the show must go on." She goes on to say she has nothing but respect for BET founder Bob Johnson and CEO Debra Lee.

She didn't go and she wasn't on stage for the presentation. Vibe: "Free, can you speak about the incident that allegedly happened at the BET Awards '05?

Supposedly you got into a shouting match with a BET executive, which led to AJ presenting the Viewers Choice Award alone." Free: "No awards show stops because of me.

AJ & Free are in this month's Vibe magazine with a headline splashed on the cover "The Truth About 106 and Park.

AJ & Free Finally Speak." I'm thinking, 'Well, this should be good. I had great mentors there, but I wasn't afraid to do something else." OK.

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