Who is bill maher dating now

Maher jokingly replied, while throwing up his hands, “I’m a n****r,” though, clearly not everyone found it funny.

He immediately informed the audience was joking but nonetheless, everyone on the show enjoyed a laugh.

There are ways you could make it up to him: Give him a call. Buy a couple of tickets to his standup show at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark on Sunday.

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"That would be creepy." Okay, maybe he's not really that crushed.

There are times when I like him because he doesn't speak like a politician, but there are times when he is infuriating."); his childhood ("I had the last 'Leave It to Beaver' upbringing in America."); a New Jersey friend he has kept since kindergarten ("I was the best man at his wedding. That hurts."); and a sister who teaches at Bergen County Community College.

"It's true that girls like a guy with a sense of humor," he said, "but it's also true that when a great-looking guy makes a terrible joke, they still laugh." Yeah, they do.

Bill Maher's ex-girlfriend, Coco Johnsen, is throwing shade on him ...

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He'll also take a shot at the president when he feels betrayed.

Maher is one of the left's top pests mainly because his verbal noogies sting, and being on HBO makes him immune to advertiser boycotts (like the ones that got him booted off ABC in 2002).

And just for the record: He still remembers you — even now, when he's a standup comedy star, even now when he's making tens of millions of dollars eye-poking Rush Limbaugh, lampooning Fox News pundits and shaping American political thought on his HBO show, "Real Time." Look, the guy is huge. As far as being a mom, you can do that in your bathrobe. You have to get out of bed, in the cold, get the car started, and get out the door at 7 a.m.

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