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Over the next several years, Emily chased after several men.

All the men she fell for were either taken, deceitful, or both.

Not long after, Emily confessed to Brock the reason that James had died--shed slept with his teenage son, Paul.

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She became engaged, again, to Jeff Hamlin, only to have him leave her when he learned she purposely caused her mother not to get an out of state job, just so she wouldn't leave Oakdale.

The reason Emily didn't want her mom to leave was Alison Mc Dermott.

Owner and publisher of The Intruder Freelance journalist Former journalist at Argus Former editor of City Times Former executive at Walsh Enterprises Former executive at Montgomery & Assoc. Dan Stewart (father; deceased) Susan Burke Stewart (mother) Betsy Stewart (half-sister) Alison Stewart (half-sister/surrogate daughter) Julia Burke (maternal grandmother) Fred Burke (paternal grandfather; deceased) Ellen Lowell Stewart (paternal grandmother) Tim Cole (biological paternal grandfather; deceased) David Stewart (adoptive paternal grandfather; deceased) Jim Lowell (paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Claire English (paternal great-grandmother; deceased) James Lowell, Sr. [summer - fall 1988] Hired a private investigator to dig into Ellie Snyder's past [Dec 1988] Snooped around in her mother's office, at Memorial, and took a look at Margo Hughes's medical file [Jan 1989] Blackmailed Barbara Ryan for her help to get Paul to hire her for a job working at Montgomery & Associates for her silence about Adam's true parentage [Feb 1989] Perjury [Nov 1989] Stole Diego Santana's body from the morgue [Mar 3, 1997] Threatened Lucinda Walsh with a gun [Mar 26, 1997] Moved Kirk Anderson's gun from the Santana evidence box, at the Oakdale P. evidence room, into a different box that now could find [Aug 12, 1997] Served a summons from Lucinda Walsh suing her to get The City Times back; she and David Stenbeck had colluded to steal it from Lucinda [Dec 19, 1997] Threw an alcoholic drink in a guy's face at Yo's [Mar 20, 1998] Falsely accused David Stenbeck of roughing her up [Apr 24, 1998] Threatened Lucinda to publish photos of her kissing James [June 5, 1998] Set Tom Hughes's watch back a couple of hours, making Tom miss a dinner date with his wife, Margo [June 15, 1998] Goaded Tom into getting angry about Margo and Eddie Silva [June 18, 1998] Lied to Tom that Eddie made a pass at her [June 18, 1998] Lied that Eddie was rude to her, which got his parole revoked and also got Eddie fired from being a caterer at the AIDS ball [June 18, 1998] Lied to Tom that Eddie threatened her [June 24, 1998] Lied again about Eddie and has him fired from Java [June 25, 1998] Falsely accusing Eddie Silva of mugging her [June 25, 1998] Sent WOAK producer, Brent, to secretly videotape Margo at home kissing Eddie Silva [Aug 21, 1998] Lied to Tom that Margo and Eddie were leaving town together [Aug 31, 1998] Fraud; changed pamphlets for how to deal with a mid-life pregnancy, that Susan sent Margo, to ones about abortion [Sep 18, 1998] Fraud; twice pretended to be Margo in a phone call to an abortion clinic [Sep 18, 1998] Spied on Tom and Margo [Sep 18, 1998] Spied on Tom and Margo [Sep 23, 1998] Fraud; twice pretended to be Tom's secretary in a phone call to a florist [Oct 9, 1998] Forged Tom's signature on legal papers [Oct 28, 1998] Fraud; called the airport pretending to be Margo [Oct 28, 1998] Vandalism; smashed a jack-o-lantern on Tom and Margo's front porch [Oct 31, 1998] Falsely claimed she was attacked by David Stenbeck [Oct 31, 1998] Falsified her first pregnancy test [1999] Accomplice in the kidnapping of Barbara Ryan [Apr 2003] Under hypnosis, broke into Fairwinds, several times, and took out items belonging to Rosanna Cabot's "late" son, Cabot [Dec 2004] Kept quiet about the fact that Jennifer Munson's baby was alive [fall 2005] Shot Paul Ryan in the back [Jan 3, 2006] Kept quiet about the fact that Henry Coleman had kept money belonging to fugitive BJ Green [mid Jan 2006 to Present] With Henry Coleman, broke into Meg Snyder's room at the Lakeview [Jan 31, 2006] Kidnapped Dusty Donavan and held him captive [late Feb 2006 to Apr 24, 2006] Tried to frame Meg for Dusty's "murder" [Mar 2006] Assaulted Paul Ryan [Apr 21, 2006] Planned to murder Dusty [Apr 24, 2006] Escaped from Memorial's psychiatric ward; stopped by her mother [July 13, 2006] Drugged Meg Snyder [Nov 10, 2006] Broke into Dusty's car [Nov 22, 2006] Secretly switched the bullets in Dusty's car with blanks [Nov 2006] Broke into Fairwinds to plant evidence against Craig [Dec 28, 2006] Prostitution [Feb to Apr 2007] Drugged Chris Hughes [Mar 10, 2008] Falsely accused of drugging Meg Snyder [mid June 2010] Emily Stewart was born to Dan and Susan Stewart.

(paternal great-great-grandfather; deceased) Alice maiden name unknown Lowell (paternal great-great-grandmother; deceased) Danielle Andropoulos (niece) Annie Stewart Ward (aunt) Dee Stewart (aunt) Paul Stewart (adoptive uncle; deceased) Steve English (great-great-uncle; deceased) Maria Ward (cousin) Gregory Ward (cousin) Nancy Ward (cousin) Lowell Ward (cousin) Stewart Cushing (cousin) John Dustin Munson Donovan (godson) Hunter Mc Dermott (eggs fertilized by Larry Mc Dermott were implanted in a woman named Aurora) Miscarried child (with James Stenbeck) Daniel Hughes (with Tom Hughes) Jennifer Ryan (with Paul Ryan; deceased) Eliza Ryan (stepdaughter) James Stenbeck (lovers; deceased) Tonio Reyes (affair) Craig Montgomery (lovers) Brock Lombard (affair; deceased) Craig Montgomery (lovers) Paul Ryan (one-night stand) Duncan Mc Kechnie (dated) Brock Lombard (affair; deceased) Paul Ryan (lovers) Gavin Krueger (lovers) Evan Walsh III (one-night stand) Royce Keller (engaged) Jeff Hamlin (engaged) Diego Santana (lovers; deceased) David Stenbeck (lovers; deceased) Jack Snyder (dated; set up through the internet using alias "Alexis") Tom Hughes (one-night stand) Chris Hughes (lovers) Jake Mc Kinnon (dated; deceased) Hal Munson (flirtation) Chris Hughes (kissed several times) Paul Ryan (affair) Dusty Donovan (kissed) Chris Hughes (lovers) Dusty Donovan (one-night stand) Casey Hughes (lovers) Witnessed James Stenbeck killing Captain Nigel Cromwell and kept silent about it [fall 1985] Accidentally killed coin collector, Lawrence Gorey with her nail file when she was defending herself; sentenced to prison until Mar 1987 [Oct 1986] Kidnapped jewel thief, Jarvis (Oct 1986) Stole Barbara Ryan's gun that she kept in her office [Nov 17, 1987] Suspect in the supposed murder of James Stenbeck [late 1987] Lied about the paternity of her unborn baby [late 1987] Worked to take over Tonio Reyes's company, Montgomery & Associates, by trying to get him in trouble by the Federal Exchange Commission and the F. Emily's parents divorced shortly after she was born; her mother sent her to live with her father.

Emily spent most of her childhood shuffled between her father and alcoholic mother. When she tried to break her ties to James, he blackmailed her by threatening to frame her for murder.

Emily soon found herself pregnant with James's child.

Finally, on the witness stand, Royce broke down and everyone realized that Royce was suffering from split personality disorder.

Royce was found not guilty because of insanity and eventually Dr.

When Dan became afraid that Susan was going to take Emily back, he fled the country with her.

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