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Kate says: “I am delighted to be involved in this project.

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Good books live in the present, regardless of when they were written.

The Brontës showed me that hearts beat like mine, that the struggle to know who you are happens across time and generations, and gender. I still Syima Aslam, director of Bradford Literature Festival, said: “It has been a huge privilege to curate and deliver the Brontës Stones project as part of the Festival this year.

The captivating journey along the four points, of approximately 8 miles, form what is believed to have been the route the sisters themselves often took between the two locations.

Of the four commissioned pieces, three of the works (by Kate Bush, Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay) respond to one of the Brontë Sisters (Emily, Charlotte and Anne, respectively), while the fourth (by Jeanette Winterson) responds to the Brontë legacy as a whole.

It’s fantastic to see the project come to fruition.” Kitty Wright, Executive Director of the Brontë Society said: “We are thrilled to be playing a part in this exciting project and are delighted that the Anne Stone will be situated in the grounds of the Parsonage, where Anne spent almost all of her life.

Haworth and the Yorkshire landscape are of immense significance to the Brontë story and we are sure local residents and visitors will enjoy making their way along the Brontë Stone trail for years to come.

All three literary sisters and their wayward brother were born here.

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