Who is michelle obama dating

Gilbert believes the airbrushed man was Frank Marshall Davis, a registered member of the American Communist Party and Obama’s childhood mentor. w=500" class="aligncenter wp-image-117892 size-full" src="https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/michelle_obama_prom-original.jpg? w=500&h=728" alt="Michelle Obama with her first boyfriend.

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), the left ears of prom Michelle and First Lady Mooch look very different: Ears don’t change.

The young woman in the prom photo is not Michelle Robinson.

In the video below, the narrator explains how the picture had been photoshopped: Here’s another at-once heartwarming and heartbreaking photo of 10-year-old Obama with his biological father Barack Hussein Obama Sr., supposedly taken in Honolulu International Airport when Sr. at birth.) Notice the tips of Obama Sr.’s left hand, especially the finger nails.

visited Hawaii during the 1971 Christmas holiday season. Here’s a picture of Obama Jr.’s biological and briefly-married parents, Obama Sr.

Both airport images appear to have been manufactured, perhaps to propel the official narrative of Barack Obama’s family history as told in his memoir “Dreams from My Father.” Barack Obama Sr.

is wearing the same suit and tie in both images, yet has completely different looking left ‘hands’.Joel Gilbert, who made the documentary “Dreams from My Father,” commissioned a professional graphic artist to examine a 1973 family photo posted on Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign page on Facebook.The photo shows boy Obama standing in Honolulu airport with his mother Stanley Ann Dunham on his right, and on his left, a young girl (most likely his half-sister Maya Soetoro) and his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, wearing dark sunglasses.Artifacts and distortions observed along the edges of Barack Obama Sr.suggest masking problems during the creation of composite images.That means the picture had been altered by inserting the image of Obama between Stanley and Madelyn.

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