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On my name tag were all the vitals: My name, how much I could afford, and my ideal location."The people looking for a room will be wearing a blue sticker, while people with rooms to spare will have a white sticker on," a staffer instructed me.

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Since responding to digital ads has been so fruitless, meeting people that I may potentially live with IRL — and going on the charm offensive when the right apartment and roommate comes along — has better odds, right?

I arrived at the bar — a chain location in Angel, a highly desirable part of London and the neighborhood of my dreams — and was asked to fill out a label upon check-in.

So I started casually browsing wanted ads for roommates.

After dozens of unanswered inquiries and multiple viewings canceled at the last minute, I decided to try my luck at one of these events. K.'s largest flat sharing site and a less sketchy version of Craigslist.

As such, I ended up having a brief talk with John and promised to arrange a showing with him, even though the room he had to offer was too expensive.

He was desperate to fill the room ASAP: His situation was his roommate had decided to relocate to China at the very last minute.

But as I left the bar, I realized that, just like my romantic life, I refuse to settle.

I'm quite rigid with what I was looking for, so the event wasn't really the best option for me: I'm not going to take an apartment outside of my budget just because I was completely charmed by a stranger.

If you've ever been on the lookout for a spare room in a big city, you can probably relate to what a pain it can be: Competition is fierce, everyone is game to commit, and openings get taken in the blink of an eye.

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