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Batgirl also appeared in The Batman where she serves as Batman's first sidekick instead of Robin, who does not appear until Season 4 in Season 3 where she is originally called "Batwoman" which differs from the comics.

She and Robin have a brother sister relationship, but Batgirl has feelings for Robin.

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Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon had an on/off relationship. In the New 52 it has been confirmed that Dick and Barbara have feelings for each other.

In Bruce Timm’s non-canon universe Batgirl also had a relationship with Bruce Wayne/ Batman. The relationship between Batman and Batgirl is not considered canon.

Freeze: Sub Zero in which she appeared and was kidnapped by Mr.

Freeze and Batman and Robin try to locate her and rescue her.

Even after Dick started dating Barbara, the two have stayed friends.

Sometime after Dick became Nightwing, Barbara retired her Batgirl identity.

Shortly afterwards, The Joker tracked Barbara down and damaged her spine, leaving her paralysed from the waist down.

After the incident, Barbara resolved to not let this ruin her life and became a computer hacker known as The Oracle.

Batgirl appeared in Super Best Friends Forever as one of the lead characters and is a cheerful, go-getter to the rest of the group.

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