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Many Jack-of-all-trades IT professionals don’t recognize that some of the best ways to implement WSUS aren’t the most obvious. Let me share a few of the more-successful tricks that will help you smooth out your update process.

Getting to 100 percent update compliance requires two basic steps: First, you have to install the update; second, you have to reboot the computer.

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However, postponing the reboot can delay achieving 100 percent compliance.

Another option is to attach a deadline to each approved update.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is truly of one of Microsoft’s noteworthy accomplishments.

Many of us remember its ancestor, Software Update Services (SUS).

To accomplish this, WSUS Setup creates a virtual directory named /Selfupdate under the Web site running on port 80 of the computer on which you install WSUS.

This virtual directory, called the self-update tree, holds the latest WSUS client.

The problem here is with computers that were powered down or off the network during the deadline period.

Those computers will get patched and subsequently rebooted after they’re powered back on or when they reconnect to the network. A better way to control reboots is to remove them from WSUS altogether.

Back then, software updates arrived with little warning and unpredictable schedules.

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