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The last thing you should do is keep large sums of money in your house, violent crime is rare in Italy but petty crime is not and its just not worth the risk.

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It’s easy to get quickly close with people in a way that you probably wouldn’t back home and it’s worth remembering that just because you share a common language doesn’t mean you were meant to be “besties”. Heck no, you need them but just try to mix it up with people who are local as well.

ask questions, don’t feel pressured to be friends just because they/or you don’t know anyone else. Try and make a few local friends even if its seems impossible, attending local language exchanged or volunteering helps!

It’s not going to make you any friends if all you do is complain the second someone asks “How are you? The only thing that is going to work is if you yourself commit 100% to adapting to your new home and hold realistic expectations.

Venting is fine, we all participate in it but keep it to a minimum and don’t let that be the first impression you give someone.

Since living in Italy since 2007 —I have definitely gone through my own personal ups and downs adjusting to life in beautiful Florence.

Because it happens to be a city full of American students , expats, and foreigners, a common misconception is that if you fall under one of those categories, since you are so close to your counterparts.

I recently went on a long weekend with friends to the Island of Elba a few weeks ago and we drove ourselves. 5 girls, one car, a ferry ride later, and we were on top of the world. This I just don’t really understand since it was a lot easier than I imagined it to be and you can even get special accounts where you don’t pay a lot and can take care of everything online (like paying bills or traffic fines).

I can’t imagine just pulling money out of an ATM machine for the rest of my life or even more than a year , or wiring money to pay my student loans if I make money here.

Many people move here thinking they will instantly find a job, an apartment, a visa and soon find out how hard that really is.

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