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He was promi- nently identified with the Congregational church for the greater part of his life and had a useful and exemplary career. Thence in 1857 he went to Minneapolis, where he spent about two years and attended Excelsior Academy (then just opened) for one term. During the last forty years of his life he was afflicted with blindness, but bore his trials cheerfully. He attended the public schools of his native State and went with the family to Michigan. But it is of his work as a teacher * * * that the writer wishes particularly to speak.

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Charles P 363 Bruce, Rusk County, History of 319 Buckley, William 469 Buflfalo, A. The dreary New Year of 1863, which was passed amid the rain and sleet at Stone River, made an impression upon his COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD mind never to he erased.

Samuel F 87 Boynton, Orville L 254 Bradley, Henry M 343 Bradley, Sylvester 517 Brainerd, Benjamin F 472 Brandt, John 294 Braun, George 286 Brehm. Lawrence I73 Brooks Family 113 Brooks, George L 113 Brousseau, Harry 320 Brower, George W 53i Brown, Addison C 183 Brown. Matthew C 204 Burnett, David 545 Burnham, Guy M 288 Burnham, Capt. D 47 Carpenter, Samuel P 383 Carr, Warner S 206 Cash. He was almost constantly in active service and won several promotions by his gallantry, being succes- sively made quartermaster sergeant of the regiment, second lieutenant and first lieu- tenant, and at the close of the war he was in command of Company C. Among the engagements in which he participated were Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Averysboro and Bentonville, in most of which the regiment suffered severe losses.

A 439 Burbey, Louis A 189 Burg, Herman 501 Burg, Philip N 370 Burke. 210 Cannon, Dennis M 550 Cannon, James H 235 Card, Frank H 412 Carlson, Anthon 309 Carlson, George A 309 Carnachan, George M., M. During the early part of its service his regiment was a part of Sheridan's Division, of the 20th Army Corps, but after the battle of Chickamauga it became a part of the 14th Army Corps.

5 Charbonneau, E 543 Charles, Lewis P 221 Charron, T. In May, 1862, he enlisted in Com- pany B, 2 1 St Michigan Volunteer Infantry, and remained in the service until his dis- charge from hospital in New York City in May, 1865.

There has recently gone from us a man who de.serves jnorc than passing mention, liy reason m the wide and lasting influence which he exerted in this community in years gone by * * * I. Gates has undoubtedly been the instrument of more real and lasting benelit to the older settlers * * * than any other man.

But it was as a teacber that he was most conspicuous, as will be seen from the follow- ing extracts from a tribute to his memory written by one who bad been his pupil for a number of years.

James H 139 Aiken, James H 490 Alenius, Gustaf A 260 Algeo, Frank 445 Andersen, A. A 257 Anderson, John 327 Anderson, Lars G 426 Anderson, Ole 194 Anderson, William 136 Andresen, Charles A 428 Andrew, W. He and his sons also built the "Waterman Hotel" at that place, which was conducted by members of the family until 1883. He subsequently dealt in pine lands at that place and is still interested in that line of business. he erected a substantial three-story brick build- ing which is one of the principal business blocks of the city.

Though not an active politician he supports the principles of the Republican party and takes a wholesome interest in all public ques- tions. Bisbee, daughter of Jared and Hannah Bisbee, of Moline, Allegan Co., Mich. Bisbee was a native of Cummington, Mass., where he was engaged in the manufacture of furniture, but about 1857 he settled on a farm in Allegan county, Mich., where he and his wife reached old age. 9, 1849, and is a son of Joel and Belinda ( Joslyn) Waterman, natives of the Green Mountain State, who were among the early pioneers of Wiscon- sin.

Gates became prominent in plans for the city's develop- ment, and was recognized as a public-spir- '8 COMMEMORATIVE BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD ited man of remarkable business sagacity.

Samuel C 380 Danielson, Dan, Esq l6g Danielson, Peter 297 Dash, Victor A 329 Day Frank D 30 Day, W. D 431 De Fer, Joseph J 462 Descent, Abraham G 32 Descent, Frank C 503 Desmond, Frank 304 Dhooge, Frank S 511 Diamond, John 394 Dickerson. E 241 Dirimple, Robert 371 Dobie, David 62 Dodd, John M., M. As busi- ness interests increased during the years of rapid growth in Superior Mr.

Later he lived in Allegan county, Mich., and died on a farm at Moline, in that State, at the age of eighty- three years. Y., and died at Moline in 1891, aged over eighty years. Bates is the oldest survivor of eight children born to his parents.

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