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The housekeeper Estella Munoz is blamed and arrested, but Adam is the one gaslighting Ashley, injecting something into his eyes to simulate blindness before medical exams. Estella's nephew Rafe Torres, Adam's friend, becomes suspicious of Adam.Nicholas and Victoria's mother Nikki voices her suspicions that Adam is involved, but Victor and Ashley dismiss her. Rafe goes to Adam's room to investigate and nearly stumbles upon evidence of Adam's guilt. Nikki stumbles upon the men kissing, but leaves unseen.

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is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, last portrayed by Justin Hartley as of November 2014-September 2016. Hope and Victor divorce that year and she later returns to Kansas insisting that Victor stay out of his son's life. Victor has limited contact with this son over the next few years, until June 26, 2002 when Victor visited Hope who allowed him to spend time with an excited Victor Jr.

Adam dresses up like the late Sabrina to frighten Ashley, who tumbles down the stairs and miscarries her baby. She later reveals what she saw to Victor and Nick, while Adam "breaks up" with Rafe, only to be confronted by his father moments later.

Adam attempts to cover up the incident by placing a knocked-out Ashley in her bed and burning her bloody nightgown. Charles Taylor into convincing Ashley that her baby is still alive with a diary belonging to his dead girlfriend, Skye Lockehart. Heather sees a note left from Nikki, revealing that Adam is "gay".

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Soon accepting Victor's offer to return to Genoa City with him and work at Newman Enterprises, Victor Jr.

– now going by "Adam Wilson" – insists that it is merely a career decision and keeps his distance from Victor.

Victor fires and disowns him, once again referring to his son as Adam.

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